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KGA Geotechnical specialises in the field of geotechnical engineering and can provide geotechnical input for all stages of development, from initial feasibility through to subsurface investigation, design, construction and certification. Our aim is to provide professional geotechnical advice, while also looking at the wider picture to ensure that a project is not only practical, but also cost effective.
We have offices situated in Auckland and Christchurch and have worked throughout New Zealand as well as the South Pacific.
No matter what the size of the project, from individual house sites though to multi-Lot subdivisions or commercial and industrial development, you will receive KGA’s honest and personal approach.

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We can provide:

01/ Geotechnical reports for Resource and Building consent
02/ Geotechnical solutions for development within earthquake prone areas
03/ Retaining wall design
04/ Subsurface investigation
05/ Slope stability assessment and hazard mapping
06/ Construction monitoring and Earthworks Certification
07/ Wastewater dispersal field design

Core values.

01/ You'll receive our open and honest communication and high degree of integrity.
02/ We've been in business since 1990. We build long term relationships and we'll still be here when you need us.
03/ We'll provide you with the best solution for your project, and identify potential issues at an early stage so you can keep moving forward.
04/ You'll find us committed to providing you with a complete and informed solution.
05/ You may find that we're not the cheapest, but what we offer you is a good quality service, tailored specifically to your project, no matter its size or complexity.


KGA is a member of ACENZ and staff are members of the Institution of Professional Engineers of New Zealand (IPENZ); our guiding principles being those set out within the IPENZ Code of Ethics.

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NZCBIASmall Board member of NZ Chinese Building Industry Association



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Earthquake & Land Slide Hazards:

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A few words about us

Since 1990, KGA Geotechnical Limited has been providing specialist geotechnical engineering consultancy services to the wider Auckland area. In 2012, a Christchurch office was formed to serve the Christchurch community as part of the earthquake rebuild and ongoing development.
The team at KGA are an enthusiastic, diverse and dedicated group of geologists, engineering geologists and geotechnical engineers ranging from graduates to senior professionals with a total of over 200 years of experience. Team members are from not only New Zealand but from all over the world, including Asia, Europe and Africa, and the Directors of the company have had extensive experience at a senior level in other organisations in New Zealand and overseas. This extensive range of backgrounds and experience provides us with a broad knowledge base that enables us to provide optimum geotechnical solutions for any construction project.
Our key philosophy is to work with our clients to achieve an optimum solution to any building project that is feasible, technically sound and cost effective. We are not blinkered by our immediate brief, but instead, "look outside the square". This could be as simple as looking beyond the immediate site boundaries.
One of the key questions we ask ourselves is “is the project buildable”. With this approach we are often able to identify other potential problems and the information required to resolve them. While this may incur additional cost at the outset of a project, from our experience, dealing with possible difficulties during the initial investigation and design stages will lead to cost savings during construction.
KGA is a member of ACENZ and staff are members of the Institution of Professional Engineers of New Zealand (IPENZ); our guiding principles being those set out within the IPENZ Code of Ethics.

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