Property Finance

Host: Franky Wang – Commercial Partner, Bank of New Zealand
Franky Wang is a strong banking professional with a demonstrated history of working in the Commercial, Corporate and Institutional Banking sectors across China, Australia and New Zealand. He is specialized in large commercial size Merger & Acquisition transactions, Cash-flow lending, Property Investment and Development lending, Leveraged Finance and International Trade.
He manages a portfolio of large commercial customers ranging from annual turnover of $5 million to $30 million that are dealing directly with Asia from both capital and trade perspective in New Zealand. The business industries include Aviation, Commercialized Bottled Water export, Dairy Sector, E-Commerce, Education, FinTech, Forestry, Hospitality, Healthcare, Meat, Retailing, Property and Professionals.
He has also previously lived and worked in mainland China based in Shanghai as the Business Development Manager for a bank, promoting New Zealand culture and brand, connecting New Zealand business opportunity with China, developing strong business networks and contact points in China, such as NZTE, MFAT, NZ China Council and others.
Franky has a Bachelor degree in Business (Finance and Economics) from Massey University in Palmerston North, a Bachelor degree in Business (Honors) and a Master degree in Finance from Massey University in Auckland.

How to engage with the banks in New Zealand regarding Property Finance type of transactions

Executive Summary:

Often we get asked how/when/what to engage with the banks and knowing these answers are the key to the success of the funding request. The discussion will focus on the analysis of why the banks
have introduced certain requirement, what can be done to improve the situation and what alternative solutions developers can access.
The host will invite several panel speakers who have in-depth understanding and significant experience of the industry, they will share their view on the topic and provide insightful recommendations.